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I've had this YouTube channel for a while, but until recently it was only used to collect odds and ends performance and flow arts videos. Though I'll be continuing to post performance pieces on my channel in the future, I'll also be creating trick tutorials and other informational videos for performers.



This is a new channel of mine. I'll be posting videos about my day-to-day life, personal projects, and progression on major life goals. If you want to follow along on my adventures, root for me pursuing my passions, learn from my mistakes, or get tips and tricks I find while figuring out life,

this is the channel for you.

Another new YouTube channel of mine, created to share my passion for making things. Here you can catch videos about resin pouring, crafting, jewelry making, painting, woodworking, building, and other random projects I decide to take on.


Follow my Twitch channel to be notified when I'm going live. You can occasionally catch me here gaming, crafting, chatting, or hula-hooping. It's a great way to chat with me or ask me questions in real time.


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