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I purchased my first professional hula-hoop in early 2009 and thus began my study in the art of hoop dance. I fell in love with the "flow arts" hard and fast. Learning as much as I was able, as quickly as I could, I began performing professionally within the year.


A little over a year after that, I was introduced to fire dancing and it was at that point I knew prop manipulation would be a part of my life for a very long time. In 2012 I began teaching these skills to others through kids summer camps. Soon after that I began offering private lessons, workshops, and classes to people of all ages.

I truly love sharing the joy of these wonderful props and I'm proud to say at this point I've taught something new to hundreds of beautiful people and have brightened the day of thousands through performance. If you're interested in booking a show or learning something new, you can read more about the services I offer here.


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