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Hello. I'm Satina and I'm a professional hobbyist.

No matter which project I'm pursuing, it's because of my passion for expression, performance, and creation. Growing up I was always involving myself in creative endeavors, be it theater, dance, or visual arts and as an adult, nothing has changed...with the exception that I've gotten a bit better at sharing my work with others.

For the past eight-ten years I've been predominately performing as a professional hula hooper, fire dancer, and prop manipulator. During this time I also began making hoops and teaching flow arts to others. I'm proud to say I've instructed hundreds of beautiful people of all ages through private lessons, classes, workshops, and camps and have brightened the days of thousands with performances trhough my work.

I opened my first business, Hybrid Performance Arts, in 2017 with my partner. In 2019, we also opened Dark Moon Loot. Both are specialty shops that sell items through their online stores and event booths. In addition to many other items, at Hybrid Performance Arts you can find my handmade hoops and at Dark Moon Loot you'll find jewelry I've created.

Since 2012 I've also periodically worked as a model. At this time I also began cosplaying and experimenting with photography/videography as hobbies.

Currently I do a little of everything and spend my free time crafting, playing video games,  hanging out with my family, and dreaming about the future. Check out the rest of my website to see samples of my work and learn more about what I do.

Follow me on social media to stay up-to-date on my current projects and events. If you'd like to support my work financially, check out my Patreon, shop at one of my stores, or book me for a lesson, show or shoot.

Thanks for checking out my site and have a wonderful day!

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