Performance Artist


Illinois-based and available for bookings worldwide.


Copywright: Satina

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About Satina

In early 2009 Satina bought her first professional hula-hoop and began studying the art of hoop dance. Her passion for the flow arts drove her to learn as much as she could and within the year she was performing professionally. Within two more years she had multiple other prop manipulation acts added to her repertoire and now Satina performs for audiences everywhere with her whirling hoops, spinning poi, flashy fans, entrancing LED props, fabulous fire props, and more!

Satina loves sharing the joy of performance through her unique and energetic shows. With a history in dance and theater she has gained a knack for captivating crowds and creating one-of-a-kind routines. In addition to performance, Satina face-paints, makes hula-hoops, and teaches performance skills to adults and kids alike!